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Microsoft Office Camera Add-In

Want to take a photo directly into your Microsoft Word Document, OneNote Page or Excel Spread Sheet? Need to capture your current location with your tablet?

The GeoTabCAM Office Add-In can save you hours of time by allowing you to create and finish your reports in the field on the spot. The Microsoft Office add-in enables direct camera and GPS capabilities in Word, Excel and OneNote.

You can quickly take a geo-tagged, time stamped photo and insert it directly into your document with a single click. You can even have your GPS latitude and longitude recorded into your document instantly.

How it works

The Microsoft Office add-in launches the standard GeoTabCAM app to capture the photos. Once done, a preview window allows you to retake the picture if needed.

A simple option allows you to set the picture size once it’s in the document. You can automatically remember this for next time to speed up the capture process.

When working on a long Excel spread sheet with hundreds of photos, you might just want to insert a link to the photo rather than the picture itself. The GeoTabCAM Office Add-In allows you to insert a hyperlink or even just the name of the picture rather than the whole thing. Perfect for reporting and inspections.

Finally, the GeoTabCAM add-in allows you to insert the current GPS latitude and longitude at the current cursor location in Word, Excel and OneNote.

Office Add-In Screenshots:

OneNote-sml Microsoft OneNote with Settings


OneNote-sml Microsoft OneNote


Excel-sml Microsoft Excel


Word-sml Microsoft Word


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