Windows 10 Camera
with GeoTagging & office integration!

GeoTabCAM – The Windows 10 Camera with GeoTagging

Windows 10 Camera Software with GPS Geo-Tagging, Time-Stamping and Microsoft Office Add-Ins

GeoTabCAM is a fast, simple program for capturing photos on your Windows Tablet PC for inspections, auditing, asset management, and reporting.

Microsoft Office Integration
Need a way to capture photos directly into your program or document?

GeoTabCAM allows you to instantly capture pictures from your inbuilt or external webcam directly to Microsoft Office. The GeoTabCAM Microsoft Office Add-In works directly with Microsoft Word, Excel and OneNote. Developers can even use GeoTabCAM to build Geo-Tagging and Camera functionality into their own programs.

GPS Geo-Tag
GeoTabCAM can automatically geo-tag pictures with GPS as you take them using inbuilt or external GPS. It can even embed GPS coordinates directly into the picture enabling quick and easy identification.

GPS coordinates are stored in the standard EXIF properties of each picture automatically.

Time Stamp
Each photo that you take can be directly time stamped to ensure its authenticity.

Multi Camera Support
GeoTabCAM supports more than just front and back cameras. Any camera that can be accessed in Windows can be used with GeoTabCAM.

GeoTabCAM is available via our  online store for instant electronic delivery to customers world wide. Volume licence options are offered for companies looking to roll our GeoTabCAM across their tablet fleet.

In Australia, call 1300 TAB CAM (1300 822 226) for sales information. Outside of Australia call +61 3 9999 1601 or email

GeoTabCAM Camera App for Windows Tablets with Geo Tagging

GeoTabCAM Camera App for Windows Tablets with Geo Tagging

GeoTabCAM Camera App for Windows Tablets with Geo Tagging

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